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Please find below the AARP/Hartford online quote for my Homeowners and my two vehicles. Below that are my Dec pages from Farmers for the limits they had on my vehicles. I’m not confident that the AARP quote for BOTH vehicles AND my Homeowners for $81/mo. has sufficient limits because it appears like a GREAT price, but likely not actually sufficient.

I OWN both vehicles 100% (no financing balances on either) so I have tried to minimize Comp. But Glass is something I usually like to have some coverage on cuz it’s such a pain in the ass when something happens. 🙂

Homeowners is for my 1-BR apartment on Cook Ave in Eastwood – landlord installed methane/smoke detectors throughout. No burglary alarms (I have a dog! for that) – $10-$14/mo. MAX on this, I think.

No accidents. No tickets. I drive less 3000 mi/yr! Local only. All personal travel.

Driver’s license No.: 905-154-247
DOB: 01/22/1954


Joel Fairbank